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Date Location/Charity Buy In Details

Sep. 21st

Registration: 12:00 NOON
Start: 1:00 PM

Harwood Grill & Saloon

Harwood, ND
Charity: Harwood Area Fire & Rescue
$150 buy-in with $10 add on option for a total of 10,000 chips. Add-on available at break for a total of $50 for another 10,000 in chips. Satellites on FRIDAY NIGHT (Freeroll @ 7 pm) including one FREE seat given away by the Harwood Grill & Saloon.

Buy In: $150**

Starting Chips: 10,000
Levels: 30
Rebuys: yes

Sep. 26th

Registration: 11am
Start: NOON


Grand Forks
Charity: Blue Line Club
Southgate Super Stack. Super Sat and Sats Friday Sept 26th starting at 7pm, $25 each. Tourney starts Saturday the 27th at Noon and play till midnite or 3 tables. Play will resume Sunday 28th at Noon.

Buy In: $200 + $10

Starting Chips: 50000 + 10000
Levels: 40min
Rebuys: no

Oct. 04th

Registration: 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM 10/4-10/5
Start: 11:00 AM 10/4, 12:00 NOON 10/5

Windbreak Saloon

Fargo, ND
Charity: NPPA
$180+$20 buy-in for a total of 60,000 in chips. One optional add-on/rebuy available for all players until they begin play on Sunday for $100 for an additional 30,000 in chips. 2 day event beginning at 11:00 AM Saturday. Play will end approximately 7:30 Saturday evening and resume 12:00 NOON on Sunday. 40 minute blinds, $5,200 first place prize.

Buy In: $200**

Starting Chips: 60,000
Levels: 40
Rebuys: no

Oct. 19th

Registration: 12:00 NOON
Start: 1:00 PM

Christine Community Center

Christine, ND
Charity: Christine Community Center
$125+$15 buy in for 10,000 in original chips. $50 add on at break for additional 10,000 in chips.

Buy In: $125

Starting Chips: 10,000
Levels: 30
Rebuys: yes

Oct. 26th

Registration: 11:30 AM
Start: 12:15 PM


Hickson, ND
Charity: Gyle Peterson Benefit
HPT/MSPT style event with 20% advance 'Qualifiers' on Friday and Saturday. Friday at 6 pm, Saturday at NOON and 6 pm. Top 20% of each $70 Qualifier advance to play on Sunday. Rebuys in each Qualifier for first 90 minutes and can play up to 4 Qualifiers through rebuys or multiple Qualifiers. If a player does NOT advance through a Qualifier, they are still able to direct buy on Sunday. NO CHIP CARRY OVER.

Buy In: $300**

Starting Chips: 30,000
Levels: 30
Rebuys: no
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